Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Honesty and Dishonesty- Part- 1

Obviously part-1 means I am planning to share all my thoughts on this subject. When? Who knows.


"If someone desires something because of some reason and adopts some means to attain that desire can the desire be dishonest if either or both the reason and the means adopted are dishonest means?

This is something biting me for a long time because some of us tend to mix the three : DESIRE, REASON AND MEANS.

I think desire cannot be qualified as honest or dishonest. But its reasons i.e. cause and means adopted can. And if they are dishonest or not proper the result can be improper and harmful. But that does not make the desire dishonest. But yes we can call such desires as undesirable- one that should not be desired as it causes harm. I think it is just a matter of english word usage and anyone just using the word Honest and Dishonest is not using the worda correctly. Am i right I wonder now.