Saturday, December 31, 2005

AMITABH BACCHAN- Big B or a Big F armer?

How our so-called supermen and women fool the country!! This country is full of illiterate people who have not even got a full meal to eat a day and so are happy to take that Rs. 50/- and a cloth piece to vote for the Politician who rules the nation. Add to that the businessmen who put in all their money to make the politicians work for them. And add to them the educated gentry like us who sit back and do nothing. And add to that the heros, and heroines and the mafia and you-name-them-you-have-it of the whos and whos also jumping into the wagon of power and politics. So what have you?

Well you have a nation where a FILM HERO, a widely proclaimed personality whose ill health makes the other side of the nation to go to temples and offer 'Puja' (homage to God) for his better health, a Rich man in an other sense, a person who has several business interests TRYING TO PROVE that he is A FARMER!!

And he will prove it too. Such is the law of the land. Those who are middle class and working class and poor class and MERE MORTALS will always live in fear of law, obey rules pay TAXES.. and these people will always find escape routes and flout their contacts with who's who of politics and law.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005


This world is full of injustice!! And we have only ourselves to blame!! In this cae I do not even know what to blame... I cannot say everything here can I? I cannot!! Bull!!Shit!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Confused? Good or Bad?

I call this the diary of a confused man because I am a mixture of thoughts. I think in every direction when I do something. Is it good? Is it bad? Who knows!! But then perhaps because I do so I take time in starting anything I do. Like I am still not up-to-date with my blogs. It is true that I do not get time to sit in front of the PC to post some message here all the time but at least one message per day can be posted by me easily on the average for every seven day-week.

Why I am not doing it is because I am still trying to improve the site look- well not so much as the looks but the manoeuvarability of the site. Today I found some java code which I can use to collapse and expand my nested lists. I can now use this to build a list of my favourite posts so that a reader can just click through the menus to get the posts of his or her choice.

Wellllllll..... even if nobody does click to read my blogs (after all there are tens of thousands blogs all over.... at least I will feel good to make my site look neat and healthy.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Delhi and Delhiites

This may start a riot as it is against Delhiwalas. Not all of them but some. Some who make this city bad, so much that even delhiites themselves who have the opportunity of staying at other cities in India will agree. Why do I want to start a war of cities or a war of languages or whatever? Not at all. I am just angry. I feel anger inside me that such a lovely city should be full of such bad people. Who may or may not be a majority as I do know lot of people who are not like the others who give this city a bad name.

First 'Road Rage'. I heard of this word first time I came to Delhi. So what do I say? I will certainly give this city a bad name if this city is the first city which makes me learn this word. And what road rage!! People shoot each other over minor accidents and even parking. People do not know the art & etiquette of driving. They even shoot each other over parking. All these are there in the news so I am not making these up at all. You tell the chap parking his car in front of your house to park it elsewhere as you want to park yours, he will tell you it is public land so anybody can use it. So it means if he is doing it now I do it too- park my car in front of somebody else's house. Then there have been incidents of [even] well heeled people driving over people in fits of rage (you read newspapers, I hope) and cars will not give way even when they are driving slowly and the moment you want to overtake them via the other lane these cars would accelerate. Why cars? Even two-wheelers do not give way. That is all about boldness in Delhi.

People are very bold here. Now that may be a good quality when it comes to joining the army but sometimes boldness comes with a carelessness of the consequences of our actions. Hence we find more number of people here just jumping into physical fights with fists and guns because they believe 'everything goes' or that 'do not worry aboiut future.. we shall see'. So better be safe than sorry. Never pick up a fight with a Delhiwala if you worry about your future. Because he does not. And after all why do you want to die or get bashed up for some right on the road or parking space? Not worth it. So next time you see someone parked in the middle of the road and creating a jam do not ask him to move his car or even gesture your hand to ask him which direction he wants to go, because your gesture of hand will surely make him come out the car and shout at you. And if you shout back well.. be ready for a fight. A delhiwala never believes in losing a battle. They are brave people.

I have never understood why no delhi house has a car garage, when Delhi has more cars than all the other 3- metros - mumbai, kolkata and Chennai combined! Most households have more than one cars and yet not a single garage. I had to form my own opinion why. Nobody has yet corrected me [because believe it or not I have been saying these to my Delhi Friends offline too.]

Delhi tops the cities for snobbery. You have a big car and a big designation then only you have made it or else you will be shunned like plague. The bigger the car, house or your designation the bigger you are. People will ask you to come to their houses to show that they press their underwears and children will tell you that style comes first. No harm I would say. But then in the next breath they will ridicule the south indian who wears only a slipper when they go out or the neighbour whose house is too small. Then my hackles go up. I mean no harm if you want to live a good life. Why not!! You are doing good. You have made it in your life. You think money is everything. Fine. But why be a snob? You become a snob when you show off and belittle others who may not have money but may be far better human beings than you are. I am not going through my personal examples but I do want to tell you that ladies have told my wife that if one does not have some good furniture in one's house, then one cannnot face people 'Daman nahin bachega' Means it would be shameful not to have good furniture as one would not be able to show one's face in the society/ neighbours!! LOL !! GAWD!! I NEVER DISAGREE that a good house is lovely to see and live in, but I do not have to get good furniture to show off to others!! But that is Delhi for you!!

The ten commandents told us "Do not covet thy neigbour's wife' It seems that one of the commandment of Delhi is to covet everything that is the neighbour's - from parking space to flower tubs. The only saving grace is that if the neighbour is a Delhiite then he too will reciprocate, and so many times in the process the fights happen.

I once heard an old man say to another old man in his morning walk, that when he was young, his dad taught him that 'A' is for 'AAO' (hindi word for come), 'K' for 'Kamao' (hindi for make money) and 'L' for 'laro' (hindi for fight). On the lighter side this perhaps tells in one sentence the psyche of this city. Here they only believe in making money, fighting over everything and wishing everything around them to come to them. So when a delhiite bulds a house in Delhi he uses maximum land space he has paid for his house to make it look good (so that he can save face with his neigbours) and for his cars? Why public land is there to use. So he in effect uses more than he pays for. That is Delhi in short for you.

And why are they like this? My Delhi-friends themselves tell me that Delhiites are aggressive by nature because of the History of this place. This is one city which has always been ravaged by invaders (even before the city was in its present form) and so people around here have always been fighting and resisting and so have becomne aggressive by nature. And my own feeling is that weather too makes a lot of differences. A place which rarely sees rain and does not have natural water (like rivers and seas) and nautural greenery (like forests) and are only brick and mortar created there cannot be softness in the mind. Softness in the mind comes from being closer to nature. That is why you will find people from villages better, people from the hills simpler, people from rain affected areas softer. Delhi alas does not have any of these.

My fellow Delhiwalas will come after me with their guns (maybe) but let me add that I am not blind to the good points they have, that they are hard working and tough and have ambition. I believe ambition is good for the nation, because if the people have ambition to improve their lots, then they will do so and in the process India will gain. This is why economically speaking Delhi has the maximumn per capita income in the country. This is good!! But with economic growth came social degeneration. THAT IS BAD.

Being the capital of India lots of funds are constantly pouring into this city. It is perhaps the loveliest city in India in terms of road space, developmental work speed. If only people were a bit more warm and more humane it would be the best city to live in. But maybe that is wishful thinking.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Last Night I met somebody

Nopes. Whoa!! Wait!!

The writer in me made me want to make the title a bit dramatic otherwise it was not anything like what you think. We all meet people in the course of our lives. But each one makes a different impression on us. Some make us angry and make us boil and some we like and warm up to. I met her yesterday first time. I am sure it will be my last time too. But then that is life. In life we meet people and we respond to each other. How we respond depends on the chemistry of the mind driven by the occasion of the meeting, time of meeting, the environment, the general gathering, the immediate company, the weather, the venue, the day behind us and so many other factors. What I saw was impressive as she exuded spontaneity, friendliness, equality, intelligence--- a totally good Human Being - a multi faceted personality.

Well it was indeed a lovely night to make new friends, with the nip in the air and the festive season being on.

That is all about what it was. And she did survive us (in her own words!!) Amen!!

Radio Mirchi Delhi

This reminded me of the Radio Mirchi (FM Radio channel - Mirchi in Hindi means Chilli- the guys proclaim that their channel is as Hot as RED CHILLIS!!) where I heard someone say "Yeh meri christmas Teri Christmas too". For non-Hindi speaking people the pun is intended on the word Merry = "Meri" in hindi means Mine and so rhyming with Merry or "Meri" in Hindi is "Teri" meaning yours. SO it is everybody's christmas as far as enjoying is concerned.

This ULTA PULTA Nitin is good. Again for non-hindi speaking people 'Ulta' means Backwards as the name Nitin reads same backwards too. And the word 'ulta Pulta' is associated with mad people....

He interviewed an "EXPERT" On what Delhites should wear this winter. I wonder why they even BOTHER to call these so called experts. This lady, I did not get her name (so that much for her fame!!) said soooo shweetly, "Ohh this is a loveeeelly season.. sooo mannnyyy marriages and festivals are going on... women can wear some nice pullover on some nice skirt, they can even wear some nice long coat, that will go nicely on their bodies. They can also wear some nice trousers and wrap their necks in some nice muffler. [Then she probably rememebered that there are umpteen ladies who do not wear trousers or skirts] You can also wear some nice salwaar kameezs and some nice pullovers, That would be simply niceeeeeeeee"

It was so sick!! The lady did not talk of colours, She did not talk of designs. She did not talk of what body types should wear what. She did not say what occasions befitted what dress this winter since she started by saying there are marriages and new year and christmas and all. She did not talk of stripes, or dots or squares or flairs or different dresses even except for pullover, trousers, skirts and long coat and then threw in a salwaar kameez.. and DESIGNS? Ohhhhhhhhhh THEY SHOULD BE NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Why do Radio Mirchi even bother to call these 'EXPERTS' on their broadcasts!! I wonder.
And I do remember my english teacher telling us never to use the word 'Nice' either as it is poort english. Instead of nice one should rather use other descriptive words. So there is your dress expert with her sense of Hinglish!!
[The Hindi version of English].

Nitin are you listening!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Thought of the Day- 23-12-2005

"...when we finally know we are dying, and all other sentient beings are dying with us, we start to have a burning, almost heartbreaking sense of the fragility and preciousness of each moment and each being, and from this can grow a deep, clear, limitless compassion for all beings." -- Sogyal Rinpoche --

I got busy with work so much that I have been going back home late and thereafter I did not have the energy to think, let alone post some messages here. Anyway here is a quote again.More to come.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I am enjoying my trip to Mumbai. Office guest house has internet connections through LAN in each room. So if one wants to work one can as one can connect to LAN and if people like me want to spend some time beyond office that too is possible as one can connect to the web.!!

And here I am posting this message from my room!! I have got some pictures in the night !! Got to go back and maybe by Sunday I will be able to post them on my photoblog site

Am Touring

Well here I am at Mumbai for office work. Have got my camera with me so that I can shoot some photos. But really I feel shy carrying my camera all the time on my shoulders. It makes me feel odd. As neither can I pretend to be a Professional Photgrapher nor am I a tourist. Like that day when I shot those pictures in the market, a shookeeper asked me what I was doing. I told him the truth, that I was shooting for my hobby. But then he probably wanted to hear that I was from Times or some newspaper!! But it is all in the mind though. Gradually I am geting into the habit now.

I am still thinking of more blogs that can be more interesting or rather more important to the world instead of just ranting on with my personal thoughts, which should be purely personal!! Let's see how my my plans go.. to little time though. Will manage.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Post on my other blogs

I have posted new thoughts on the blogs

1. India through my photoblog
2. The Rat Race.
3. Relationships.

good job done.. a pat on my back.. hehe.. :-))

Redesigning the site

I am still changing the looks of the blogs and adding to them at the same time. Anything that I do must be a sincere job whether at work or play. bye now

Friday, December 09, 2005


I wish the day was more than 24 hours. I wish the nights never ended. I wish I did not sleep. I wish there was no New Year!! Whoa!! Before people come and beat me up for wishing something as good as a New Year away when they can drink up and enjoy, let me tell you these are my genuine wishes.

I do not wish Time to Stop as there is no fun in stills. But what I wish is that I had enough time and enough time and still enough left for me to do ALL THAT I WANT TO DO!!

Time is indeed scarce resource and every day I grow older.Every night I lay down to sleep I miss some more time waking when I could have done something!!.

Thought for the day

"Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive." -- Robert H. Schuller--

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

At last I am going somewhere

Well Today I thought of helping myself through experimenting and using my own common sense since I was not able to find some good add-ons for creating thumbnails or galleries or categories to display my photos.

Yeah I saw the one about tags but which uses some other site and that was the problem we keep facing on the web. More you search for something farther you go away from what you originally wanted as you keep searchjign and clicking on links you see, then you start reading what it says, learn it and by the time you have used it you click on some other link....and got me? So I thought hey I will not use this tags from this site.

Then there was the photogallery option. I saw that this site allows me to store 300 MB of photos and the photogalleries are themselves another site to master and the free ones probably do not allow more than 25-30 MB!!

How can that help me? I have so many photos planned for this site in next several years!! LOL !!

So what I did is this (we call it 'totka' in bengali, meaning country method treatment or something like that in closest english which I can think of now): -

I had 5 photos of Dharamsala. In one window under posting--> edit postsI opened one such photo-post. In another window under posting--> edit posts I opened the other photoposts one after another.

Then? Then I just dragged the photo from the second window into the other!! GREAT RIGHT? I am mighty glad with myself!! See the results now. You can see the groups of photos better now without my using any tags or categories and they just appear together.

Now I have to just see how I can tweak the template to expand the message width to reduce the blank space at the sides so that I can show more pictures side by side and also find ways to further improve.. I forget what because I got distracted by the TV just now!!

Monday, November 28, 2005


I have got some old photos of mine scanned. But I wish I had more. First I am not getting time to scan all of them and then taking out from albums to scan will only damage the photos now. Still I have planned to scan some and it will still take some more time.

As for new photos? NO PROBLEMS. I have my canon digital and it is only a child's play. BUT before that I must reorganize that blog. It looks clumsy with no folders separating the different photos. I need a photoalbum maybe or maybe this HELLO that I am using has some options. Let me see now.. SO that blog is my first priority. Cheers!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


I tried using the create link option and did something wrong and created this post. And now I find that I am not able to delete the post in my edit posts option as author.. the delete button is not working.. Some bug??
So I did next best.. i came here and edited the message and wrote this..

How does this work?

Well I now guess that this would be the next question. How does this work? I must find out soon enough about answers to how does one search for blogs - by name of author, or topic etc. I wonder how people get to blogs and read them. Of course this is prompted by a thought on what is my aim? Do I want my blogs to be read by people? Or are bloggers all lonely persons with no one to talk to so come here to talk to themselves? Or do they come here to make friends? Or do they have some grudge against something and so let it out here and feel cool about it later, since they cannot do anything about it at all. I mean there can be umpteen reasons of coming here and blogging is it not so? And if one of the reasons is to speak to someone and interact with someone then how do I get people notice my blogs is what I am wondering... I know I have to write some sensible matter to make it interesting... but first they have to come.. hmmm.. right.. how ot make them come.. in fact Even how do I go to other people's blogs? I mean How do I search for interesting blogs where I can comment and react? Have to seeeeee and find outtttt.!!!

There are some wonderfil blogs on the web I have heard. Now I have to think deeply what I want my blogs to be finally. If I was a traveller I probably could have logged my travelling notes here for the worl to see and learn from. There are blogs like that too. Or do I want to create opinion about something? Let me think now. ummm... ummmmm... And will come back. As of now I have started two blogs-- one this which is on my time to time thoughts which is like me talking to myself. The other is photos I have taken, since Once upon a time longgggg ago I used to love photography.. and had lost touch.. and now that I have got meself a new camera- a digital one too .. I think I will be able to shoot and host for people who like to see some good one.. Assuming I will take good ones!! Haha!!

And what else? Well I can give a lot of free opinions. Ahh that would be great!! Nobody to stop me giving that here.. sigghh... in real life nobody wants my opinions!! SO THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE I CAN GIVE THEM ALL!!! GR8!!! . Let me try my hand at that!! Ahhh.. like relationships - love, marriage, divorce, flirting, friendships,,, (?), Office environment - motivation, oiling, career women, (?), India -- cities and their qualities and peculiarities.. (?) ... and so many more.. hmm not many but some more at least I guess. Let's see now...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Why am I here?

I guess most bloggers would have posted this question on their blogpages when they came here first time. I too must record this why for myself. It is because I got that blog about Manjunath who was killed and came here. Coming here I had to perforce become a member here as it did not allow un-registered users to post comments-- I do not really know why as there is no point really trying enforce registration on this site for posting a comment on our blogs. I mean how does it help us? One can register free and there is no user verification on the web. Anyway I myself have kept my pages open to all. But what for? I am not even thinking of posting any blogs here as yet. As it is I post many on our own intranet and now if I post here when do I work?

Anyway. Now that I am here. Let me see whether I can do justice to this web based thought sharing. With whom? Welllllllll anyone who cares.. to read.. As it is even when I try to share thoughts with someone I know from real life or even from the web, the person least cares.. So why not talk to myself instead? That is what I usually do at most of the times!!

Well so that's it!!