Wednesday, November 30, 2005

At last I am going somewhere

Well Today I thought of helping myself through experimenting and using my own common sense since I was not able to find some good add-ons for creating thumbnails or galleries or categories to display my photos.

Yeah I saw the one about tags but which uses some other site and that was the problem we keep facing on the web. More you search for something farther you go away from what you originally wanted as you keep searchjign and clicking on links you see, then you start reading what it says, learn it and by the time you have used it you click on some other link....and got me? So I thought hey I will not use this tags from this site.

Then there was the photogallery option. I saw that this site allows me to store 300 MB of photos and the photogalleries are themselves another site to master and the free ones probably do not allow more than 25-30 MB!!

How can that help me? I have so many photos planned for this site in next several years!! LOL !!

So what I did is this (we call it 'totka' in bengali, meaning country method treatment or something like that in closest english which I can think of now): -

I had 5 photos of Dharamsala. In one window under posting--> edit postsI opened one such photo-post. In another window under posting--> edit posts I opened the other photoposts one after another.

Then? Then I just dragged the photo from the second window into the other!! GREAT RIGHT? I am mighty glad with myself!! See the results now. You can see the groups of photos better now without my using any tags or categories and they just appear together.

Now I have to just see how I can tweak the template to expand the message width to reduce the blank space at the sides so that I can show more pictures side by side and also find ways to further improve.. I forget what because I got distracted by the TV just now!!

Monday, November 28, 2005


I have got some old photos of mine scanned. But I wish I had more. First I am not getting time to scan all of them and then taking out from albums to scan will only damage the photos now. Still I have planned to scan some and it will still take some more time.

As for new photos? NO PROBLEMS. I have my canon digital and it is only a child's play. BUT before that I must reorganize that blog. It looks clumsy with no folders separating the different photos. I need a photoalbum maybe or maybe this HELLO that I am using has some options. Let me see now.. SO that blog is my first priority. Cheers!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


I tried using the create link option and did something wrong and created this post. And now I find that I am not able to delete the post in my edit posts option as author.. the delete button is not working.. Some bug??
So I did next best.. i came here and edited the message and wrote this..

How does this work?

Well I now guess that this would be the next question. How does this work? I must find out soon enough about answers to how does one search for blogs - by name of author, or topic etc. I wonder how people get to blogs and read them. Of course this is prompted by a thought on what is my aim? Do I want my blogs to be read by people? Or are bloggers all lonely persons with no one to talk to so come here to talk to themselves? Or do they come here to make friends? Or do they have some grudge against something and so let it out here and feel cool about it later, since they cannot do anything about it at all. I mean there can be umpteen reasons of coming here and blogging is it not so? And if one of the reasons is to speak to someone and interact with someone then how do I get people notice my blogs is what I am wondering... I know I have to write some sensible matter to make it interesting... but first they have to come.. hmmm.. right.. how ot make them come.. in fact Even how do I go to other people's blogs? I mean How do I search for interesting blogs where I can comment and react? Have to seeeeee and find outtttt.!!!

There are some wonderfil blogs on the web I have heard. Now I have to think deeply what I want my blogs to be finally. If I was a traveller I probably could have logged my travelling notes here for the worl to see and learn from. There are blogs like that too. Or do I want to create opinion about something? Let me think now. ummm... ummmmm... And will come back. As of now I have started two blogs-- one this which is on my time to time thoughts which is like me talking to myself. The other is photos I have taken, since Once upon a time longgggg ago I used to love photography.. and had lost touch.. and now that I have got meself a new camera- a digital one too .. I think I will be able to shoot and host for people who like to see some good one.. Assuming I will take good ones!! Haha!!

And what else? Well I can give a lot of free opinions. Ahh that would be great!! Nobody to stop me giving that here.. sigghh... in real life nobody wants my opinions!! SO THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE I CAN GIVE THEM ALL!!! GR8!!! . Let me try my hand at that!! Ahhh.. like relationships - love, marriage, divorce, flirting, friendships,,, (?), Office environment - motivation, oiling, career women, (?), India -- cities and their qualities and peculiarities.. (?) ... and so many more.. hmm not many but some more at least I guess. Let's see now...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Why am I here?

I guess most bloggers would have posted this question on their blogpages when they came here first time. I too must record this why for myself. It is because I got that blog about Manjunath who was killed and came here. Coming here I had to perforce become a member here as it did not allow un-registered users to post comments-- I do not really know why as there is no point really trying enforce registration on this site for posting a comment on our blogs. I mean how does it help us? One can register free and there is no user verification on the web. Anyway I myself have kept my pages open to all. But what for? I am not even thinking of posting any blogs here as yet. As it is I post many on our own intranet and now if I post here when do I work?

Anyway. Now that I am here. Let me see whether I can do justice to this web based thought sharing. With whom? Welllllllll anyone who cares.. to read.. As it is even when I try to share thoughts with someone I know from real life or even from the web, the person least cares.. So why not talk to myself instead? That is what I usually do at most of the times!!

Well so that's it!!