Friday, December 29, 2006

The Fire Within

It is the fire within. The fire within that makes us write, write and write. And the same fire within on some days burn so strong that it burns us into cinders and render us inadequate. On such days all thoughts simply burn into flames and do not come out of the pen or the keyboard. I wonder if all human beings are such mixture of emotions. They must be. But it must be true that only those people who have been able to control and tame their emotions are successful in what they want to do -- love or career or whatever... So do not lost control. And like the wise man control your mind and not let it control you.

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Michelle - Zen Tourist said...

aatma namaste shantanu,
this comment on your blog is in reply to you comment youve made on my article "crystals tarot qaballah myth or pure energy".
my first question to you:-
do u believe in a force we term as god? if you did you wouldnt be asking for proof of energy and the universe so ill take it that you dont.
unless someone doesnt keep an open mind and decide to put their whole faith in what he or she believes in how will miracles happen?
yes i practice crystal therapy and pranic healing. i was never skeptical becaz i knew i wanted to keep an open mind which really doesnt cost.
im sure websites articles etc might leave u apprehensive wondering if these things could work but my suggestion..try it out for yourself...meditation is the key to keep you focused.
belief ..shradha and and patience is all man needs along with time and thats the best proof life has to offer.
i wish you well in your future endeavours.
i read your articles on your blog.. a philosophical aspect towards write well.
light and life,
a zen tourist.